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totoropeas questions that I was forced to answer:

1. Favorite Rapper in Kpop? Hyoyeon and Tiffany because it’s them.

2. Who would you marry in Kpop? Myself.

3. Favorite season? All; I’m indecisive. 

4. What song do you listen before sleep? Since yesterday, I’ve listened to Lost in Love.

5. If you were someone else, would you want to be your friend? Yes. I respect myself that much :P

6. How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? Left the party early, spent quality time with family at home.

7. If you could choose, how would you die? Saving a loved one’s life. 

8. Last 5 songs you listened. I Got a Boy, Lost in Love, XYZ, Promise, Baby Maybe

9. What do you miss the most? My grandpa or my friendship with 2 certain people. 

10. What’s your best quality? I like to help people, listen to their problems, etc.

11. How it was to answer all these questions? AGAINST MY WILL  Fun~~~

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  1. totoropeas said: AGAINST MY WILL ROFLMAO :D thank you, Dana~
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